Let's unite and protect our children in North Manchester.Let's unite and protect our children in North Manchester.Let's unite and protect our children in North Manchester.Let's unite and protect our children in North Manchester.

Please read and sign our petition to the Manchester Community Schools Board of Trustees.

The Problem


Boys Allowed In Girls' Bathroom?

Urgent!!!! DID YOU KNOW...

Manchester Community Schools is now allowing BOYS that IDENTIFY as GIRLS to use the girls bathroom and locker room. This is happening now.

It has been confirmed by both Manchester Elementary Principal Korus and Superintendent Dr. Gremaux that this is happening NOW. Boys can now go to the bathroom with your daughters. And yes, girls... can now go to your son's bathroom. 

This is outrageous! This angers me!

Please SHARE this with those in North Manchester, IN. 

Please sign this petition to protect your children and STOP open bathrooms and locker rooms. 

Please contact every school principal, school board member, and superintendent Gremaux and tell them this is NOT OK!! 

Next school board meeting December 10. Show up and stand with me.

Thank you for standing to protect our children,


Nate Gephart

Angry father of 4 daughters in North Manchester School system

By signing this petition you are letting the administration know that it is their responsibility to protect all children. Children deserve privacy. Biology should determine which restroom our children should use. 

Protect the Children Superintendent Gremaux.


Thank you for those of you who came to the meeting December 18th to stand up for our children and their privacy and safety rights!! Thank you to those who walked out. And thank you to those who stayed in the meeting.
God bless you and I encourage everyone to continue to stand up for our children!!

~ Nate Gephart

Please visit the Resources page to view a video of the Manchester Community School Board's Special Meeting on December 18th as well as the discussions in the lobby after myself and others left the meeting.

Stay tuned!

The solution


Proposed Bathroom Policy

Our school board and superintendent need to make a bathroom policy that protects every student.  

Our children should feel safe and have their privacy protected.


I propose that the new policy should be:

Biological females are only allowed in the girls' restroom and locker room.  Like wise, biological males are only allowed in the boys' restroom and locker room.

If a student feels uncomfortable with this policy, then they can use a single bathroom.  Now if a student feels uncomfortable showering in either locker room maybe we could build a single shower stall/bathroom?  

I do not know of a quick easy solution for the shower issue if someone does not feel comfortable in both.  This student may just need to abstain from showering at the school for now.

This policy will protect ALL students no matter their gender identity.  Trans/Non-Trans/All gendered students would be protected. 

Guiding Our Children

Let's be honest.  Children are young and innocent.  Their minds are still developing and are not completely able to make big life decisions.  This is scientific. 

Our society acknowledges this with the laws we have.

Chidren should not be able to go to the liquor store and buy a six pack of beer.  So the law says you must be 21.

How about driving a car?  Should we allow our 9 year olds to get a driver's license?  OUCH!  No.  Of course not.  They could kill themselves or someone else.  The law says you must be 16 years old to have a driver's license.

What about voting?  Do we really want to have our 5 year olds voting for the next state senator or giving us their input on city budgets?  No.  So the voting age is set to 18 years of age.

Here is an example.  If my daughter came to me and said she wanted to become a boy and wanted to use the boys' bathroom and locker room, I would tell her "No way!"  It is certainly not safe for a girl that identifies as a boy to enter the  boys' locker room.  

I should know because I was a teenage boy in high school.  I played sports.  I used the locker room shower facility.  And let me tell you this...the boys' locker room can be a very rowdy place full of rowdy hormone filled boys!  Is it safe for a transgender to be in that environment?  NO!  So as parents and legal guardians, no matter your child's sexual orientation, let us use some wisdom here and protect ALL students.

My point is this.    Children should be guided to make the safe and best decision for their interest and for the interest of others.  We should not allow children to decide what bathroom they want to use at such a young age. 

Closing Thoughts

I realize this is a hard topic.  But we must address this before someone gets hurt in our school system because of the bathroom policy of allowing anyone to use the bathroom of their choice.