About us



My name is Nate Gephart. I am married to the pretty lady in the picture. We have four daughters in the Manchester School System. We have lived in the North Manchester community since 2015.  

I have been a volunteer soccer coach for the youth and also a volunteer cross country coach at the middle school and high school level. I am a business owner and a job creator. I have worked in many of your homes and businesses. We are a loving family and love this community.

I want to clarify my motive and what I am doing.

I am a lover not a hater.

I do not hate people.

I love every human being.

I love homosexuals.

I love heterosexuals.

I love transgenders.  My 1st cousin is transgender and I love him very much.

I love every other gender that you may identify with.


Because the love of God in me compels me to love every single human being on the face of this planet. And so I do. And I do it with a smile.

And I also love my family very much.

I love my daughters and I have been entrusted with them to care for them and to be their protector. That is why I am doing what I am doing. I am protecting my children from bad policies that are already causing stress and trauma to my children.

My mission here is not to debate whether homosexuality is ok or transgenderism or any other issue concerning sexuality. I certainly have my own opinion. But this is not the place. This is not the time.  

My mission is to protect my children's right to privacy and safety in public school bathroom and locker room facilities and also that of EVERY student no matter their sexual orientation.  

This issue is about our children's right to safety and privacy.